Community Projects

The Lavigne Community Centre is always busy working on projects in the community. We are always pleased to work hard on projects that will improve our wonderful community. Should you be interested in helping out with our community maintenance and improvement projects, please give us a call or send us an email. You can find our contact information under the Contact Us tab.

Community Gardens

The Lavigne Community Centre has placed community garden beds around the community centre and the Parc riverain Caisse populaire Waterfront Park. These garden beds are for use by members of the community who wish to plant and maintain flowers, vegetables or small shrubs to display in the community. The beds at the rear of the community centre are being used to grow vegetables which will be donated to the food bank. Thank you to Home Hardware in Sturgeon Falls for their generosity in donating the lumber for our garden beds! This continues to show the generosity of individuals in our community and in the surrounding area!

Parc riverain Caisse populaire Waterfront Park

After years of planning, the Parc riverain Caisse populaire Waterfront Park is now open to the public to enjoy for picnics, barbecues, walks, and other fun activities on the shores of beautiful Lake Nipissing. A huge thank you goes out to Caisse Alliance and the Municipality of West Nipissing for their ongoing support and commitment to help make Lavigne an even better place to live!

Lavigne Multi-Use Park and Playground

The CCL has been planning and fundraising for a multi-use park and playground for over 4 years. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the ability to continue fundraising efforts for this community-based project. The pandemic also has a disproportionate impact on the community of Lavigne, as there is no existing playground for children of Lavigne and fitness equipment and avenues for residents to keep active and healthy. The pandemic also accentuated the need for a playground and fitness equipment/avenues so that children can play and residents can exercise.

There's a need in Lavigne for residents and children to stay active and healthy, and science has proven a correlation between physical and mental health. The positive impact of establishing the Lavigne Multi-Use Park and Playground will be immediate and profound on the physical and mental well-being of residents of all ages. It will adapt the current recreational property to improve opportunities to stay active and healthy and will allow residents and children barrier-free opportunities to play and exercise.

The intention is to use the current outdoor rink and soccer field property located in the heart of Lavigne and convert it to a multi-use park and playground by adding a playground, outdoor fitness equipment and a wheelchair-accessible fitness station.

The multi-use park will increase the quality of life of all, and will benefit the general public, our residents and our children by providing more outdoor options for all to play, stay active and stay healthy.

A funding application for the project was submitted in March 2021 under the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative and the CCL is awaiting an answer on the application.

Update (May 11th, 2021): The CCL has received news about the application and unfortunately the application was not successful. The Canada Healthy Communities Initiative has seen over $300M in applications for only about $30M available. The CCL will continue to explore other options to make this community project a reality.

Update (September 12th, 2021): The Municipality of West Nipissing has awarded the contract for the construction of the Lavigne Playground to CRCS Recreation. Construction of the playground is expected to take place in the Spring of 2022. A big thank you to the Municipality for their support and continued commitment to making Lavigne an even better place to live!

Update (May 18th, 2022): The Lavigne Multi-Use Park and Playground will be completed this summer! Thanks to the generous donations received, the CCL was able to finalize and place the order for the outdoor fitness stations, which will be installed later this summer! A big thank you to our partners for your help and support towards the purchase and installation of the outdoor fitness stations!

Thank you to our partners for the outdoor exercise fitness stations!
Centre Social et Culturel de Lavigne
Caisse Alliance
Economic Partners Sudbury East-West Nipissing
Union Culturelle des Franco-Ontariennes de Lavigne

Alone, we go faster, but together, we go further!

Update (November 14th, 2022): The CCL is pleased to announce that the Lavigne Multi-Use Park and Playground Project will be completed thanks to the generous support of the Government of Canada, through the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative. The CCL has been awarded $75 000 towards the completion of the park, which includes the installation of safety fencing, a gazebo and giant slide.

Click here to view the news release.

Update (November 14th, 2022): The construction of the Lavigne Multi-Use Park and Playground will begin in Spring 2023. The construction that was planned for 2022 has been delayed due to some pieces of equipement being on backorder at the manufacturer.

Thank you to all our partners and donors! The best is yet to come!
Municipality of West Nipissing
Government of Canada
Centre Social et Culturel de Lavigne
Caisse Alliance
Economic Partners Sudbury Est-West Nipissing
Union culturelle des Franco-Ontariennes de Lavigne